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Getting to the root of the problem

A Cambridge professor called for our help when he tried to clear an overflowing storm down pipe at his house by removing the bottom elbow at ground level, only to find it was still totally blocked; as this lead to a soakaway he feared he might have to renew the drain and soakaway itself.

Blocksaway gained access and removed huge bundles of roots that had grown into the drain and totally filled it. There was therefore no need for an expensive excavation. The nearby tree was for the chop!

We received the following from the customer following our visit. Bob is also pictured below “holding the root of the problem”

“I was very pleased with your prompt, punctual and efficient service and your entertaining and instructive conversation. I also thought the fee was pretty reasonable, especially given the quickness of your response and the fact that you didn’t charge me for running over the first hour (as you did).

I think if I’d done any more digging in those damn bushes and humping the slabs about I could well have dropped dead with the effort, so I was extremely grateful for your appearance. (I expect it was very good for me, though. I must have lost litres of sweat, the equivalent of several sessions in the gym.)

Anyway, thanks so much, and next time I’m in a fix I shall call you up. And also recommend you to other distraught householders.


Root of the Problem

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