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Septic Tank Conversion Service

Do you have to empty your septic tank more than once a year? Is your septic tank constantly overflowing?

You should not have to empty a conventional septic tank more often than once a year if the anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that reproduce without oxygen and which partially digest the sewage in the tank) and outflow system (where aerobic bacteria complete the job using oxygen) are working properly.

If there is not enough oxygen available for the aerobic bacteria to consume the partially digested sewage when it leaves the septic tank, (perhaps due to water-logged soil or overuse,) then the whole system will back up and the septic tank overflow.

Blocksaway Drains are installers of the Hydra Septo Air Conversion System, featuring the latest and best sewage treatment plant technology, and using highly efficient diffusers in the septic tank combined with a linear air pump, which release millions of tiny bubbles every minute to ensure the greatest possible oxygen exchange and the efficient breakdown of the sewage in the tank itself.

A typical conversion of an existing septic tank for a normal domestic dwelling can cost as little as £995 in total.


*Works in high water tables

*Maintains an efficient soakaway field

*Avoids that rotten egg smell!

*Small treatment plant hidden from view

*Efficient alarm system with warning beacon

*Simple annual maintenance

*No more frequent tank emptying-we can even convert cess pits!

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