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Mystery foul smell tracked down in Newmarket house

A foul smell cured at last!

BlocksAway were called out by a despairing customer in Newmarket, who had been suffering from a horrible sewage smell in one of his properties, built only 9 months before.

A succession of 3 plumbers had tried to find the source of the smell but to no avail; one had even installed a new vent pipe.

Steve did an initial cctv survey of the underground foul drainage, but could discover no obvious faults. He then sealed off the drainage system outside and introduced 4 smoke bombs to dramatic effect! Smoke billowed out of a downstairs cupboard in the house; on removing the floor boards an unused but unsealed connection piece was discovered beneath, leading from the toilet drainage; if there had been a blockage further down the line this would have resulted in raw sewage filling the cupboard! the solution was to simply cap off the offending connector.

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