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Where there is muck . . .

Once we were called out to a small business in Cambourne, Cambridgeshire because it had been discovered that someone had attempted to steal £500, but rather than be caught redhanded with the money they had flushed it down the toilet, leaving a few tell tale notes in the bowl.

We asked the proprietor where the next manhole was and were told categorically it was outside the toilet window; we blocked off the drain outlet from this manhole with a bung and pressurized the toilet bowl to push the remainder of the money through—Result: absolutely nothing: it was the wrong manhole!

Luckily the interceptor just before the main sewer was partially blocked and the money was found floating inside it.

A total of £490 was retrieved and dried out by the proprietor, but we’re not sure what he said to the bank when he paid it in!

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