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Third Time Lucky!

A Mrs. D. H. of Yaxley, nr. Peterborough had the ultimate nightmare when she went to work on Tuesday morning 13th September ’11;as she approached her car she dropped her only keys through the grating of a roadside drain.

She called a well known national drain cleaning company and was quoted £120+ vat! Another refused to come out saying they were not allowed to lift roadside gullies. Third time lucky she rang Blocksaway Ltd and we came out to her straight away retrieving the keys for a nominal charge of £30(and no vat!).

Emergency drain clearing for Ely customer

Quite often Blocksaway is called upon to help customers retrieve drain rods they have lost down their drains. This was precisely the case when attending a customer in Ely, Cambridgeshire, but the problem was exacerbated by the fact this particular set of rods had a 4 “ plunger attached which had become wedged into a junction with a neighbour’s drain, effectively completely blocking the client’s drain and posing a future problem for his neighbours. This drain needed clearing, fast.

Unusually there was no manhole and therefore no access at this junction point, and other contractors had failed to help;so we inserted a camera from a manhole downstream in the neighbour’s garden and using live video were able to direct the use of the retrieval tool from a manhole upstream until it grasped the set of rods by the plunger and we were able to pull them all out.

Blocksaway attends  every drain clearing job with a fully equipped van, so with ingenuity we were able to avert what would otherwise have been an expensive excavation.

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